Barrel Oak Leaf Est 1982
Kind: Figurative
Goods & Services
Class 6:
Cask hoops of metal; Cask stands of metal; Caskets of common metal; Casks of metal; Faucets of metal for casks; Racks (structures) of metal for casks; Taps for casks of metal; Tuns (casks) of metal; Wine casks of metal
Class 20:
Barrels, not of metal; Baskets for barrels; Lock barrels, not of metal; Non-metallic barrels; Non-metallic bungs for barrels; Non-metallic stands for barrels; Non-metallic valves (taps) for controlling the flow of liquid into barrels; Non-metallic valves (taps) for controlling the flow of liquid out of barrels; Rain barrels, not of metal; Wooden barrels; Cask hoops, not of metal; Cask stands, not of metal; Caskets made of amber; Caskets made of bone; Caskets made of cane; Caskets made of celluloid; Caskets made of cork; Caskets made of horn; Caskets made of ivory; Caskets made of meerschaum; Caskets made of mother of pearl; Caskets made of wicker; Caskets made of wood; Casks of wood for decanting wine; Casks, not of metal; Faucets, not of metal, for casks; Non-metallic bungs for casks; Non-metallic casks; Non-metallic stands for casks; Non-metallic tuns (casks); Non-metallic valves (taps) for controlling the flow of liquid into casks; Non-metallic valves (taps) for controlling the flow of liquid out of casks; Non-metallic wine casks; Racks (furniture) for casks; Taps for casks (not of metal); Tuns (casks) of wood
Class 25:
Apparel (clothing, footwear, headgear); Aprons (clothing); Articles of clothing for theatrical use; Articles of clothing made from wool; Articles of clothing made of fur; Articles of clothing made of hides; Articles of clothing made of imitation leather; Articles of clothing made of leather; Articles of clothing made of plush; Articles of water-resistant clothing; Articles of weatherproof clothing; Articles of windproof clothing; Athletic clothing; Beach clothing; Belts (clothing); Casual clothing; Chefs' clothing; Clothing; Clothing for babies; Clothing for sports; Clothing for surfing; Clothing for swimming; Clothing incorporating digital components; Clothing incorporating electronic sensors; Clothing of fur; Clothing of imitations of leather; Clothing of leather; Clothing, not being protective clothing, incorporating reflective or fluorescent elements or material; Combinations (clothing); Denims (clothing); Ear muffs (clothing); Girl's clothing; Gloves (clothing); Hoods (clothing); Jackets (clothing); Jerseys (clothing); Leather belts (clothing); Men's clothing; Pants (clothing); Plush clothing; Rainproof clothing; Ready-made clothing; Ready-to-wear clothing; Sports clothing (other than golf gloves); Stuff jackets (clothing); Thermal clothing (not specifically adapted for protection against accident or injury); Thongs (clothing); Water-resistant clothing; Waterproof clothing; Weather resistant outer clothing; Women's clothing
Class 32:
Aerated beverages (non-alcoholic); Aerated drinks (non-alcoholic); Alcohol-free beer; Alcohol-free beverages; Alcohol-free cider; Alcohol-free drinks; Alcohol-free wine; Alcoholic beers; Aloe vera drinks, non alcoholic; Aperitifs, non-alcoholic; Carbonated non-alcoholic drinks; Cider, non-alcoholic; Cocktails, non-alcoholic; De-alcoholised beer; De-alcoholised drinks; De-alcoholised wines; Fruit flavoured non-alcoholic drinks; Fruit nectars (non-alcoholic); Ginger beer (alcoholic); Ginger beer (non-alcoholic); Grain based non-alcoholic beverages; Kvass (non-alcoholic beverage); Low alcohol beer; Malt-containing beverages (non-alcoholic, except beers); Non-alcoholic barley based beverages; Non-alcoholic beers; Non-alcoholic beverages (except non-alcoholic beer); Non-alcoholic beverages flavored with coffee; Non-alcoholic beverages flavored with tea; Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with coffee; Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with tea; Non-alcoholic carbonated drinks; Non-alcoholic cocktail bases; Non-alcoholic cocktails; Non-alcoholic fruit extracts; Non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; Non-alcoholic honey-based beverages; Sarsaparilla (non-alcoholic beverage); Squashes (non-alcoholic beverages); Vegetable extracts for use in the preparation of non-alcoholic drinks; Barley wine (beer); Beer; Beer wort; Beer-based cocktails; Bitter beer; Black beer; Dark Beer; Extracts of hops for making beer; Fruit beers; Ginger beer; Home brew kit concentrate of hopped wort for making beer; Malt beer; Malt-containing beverages (beers); Pilsner beer; Root beer; Carbonated water; Ginger ale; Preparations for making liqueurs
Class 33:
Alcohol for drinking; Alcoholic beverages (except beer); Alcoholic beverages containing fruit; Alcoholic beverages containing wine; Alcoholic cocktails; Alcoholic essences; Alcoholic extracts; Alcoholic extracts of fruits; Alcoholic mixed drinks; Alcoholic preparations for making beverages; Alcoholic punches; Baijiu (Chinese distilled alcoholic beverage); Carbonated beverages (alcoholic, except beers); Distilled alcoholic beverages; Egg nog (alcoholic); Fruit based alcoholic beverages; Fruit extracts (alcoholic); Liquors (alcoholic beverages); Low alcohol cider; Low alcohol cocktails; Low alcohol spirits; Low alcohol wine; Mirin (alcoholic); Nira (sugarcane-based alcoholic beverage); Pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, other than beer-based; Rice alcohol; Sparkling cider (alcoholic); Vodka; Blended whisky; Bourbon whisky; Malt whisky; Whisky; Beverages containing wine (wine predominating); Blended wine; Cooking wine; Dessert wine; Drinks containing wine (wine predominating); Dry fortified wine; Dry red wine; Dry sparkling wines; Dry white wine; Dry wine; Fortified wines; Ginger Wine; Mulled wines; Non-sparkling wines; Red wine; Sparkling fruit wines; Sparkling wines; Still wines; Sweet fortified wine; Sweet red wine; Sweet sparkling wine; Sweet white wine; Sweet wine; Vintage wines; White wine; Wine; Rum; Rum punch; Gin; Brandy; Brandy based liqueurs; Napoleon brandy; Coffee based liqueurs; Cooking liqueurs; Cream liqueurs; Digesters (liqueurs and spirits); Liqueurs; Mint flavoured liqueurs; Orange liqueurs; Peppermint liqueurs; Still liqueurs