Schmeider Trademark 1924633
Goods & Services
Class 39:
Conducting of sightseeing tours; Conducting sightseeing tours; Operating of tours; Organisation of tours; Personal tour guide services; Provision of information relating to tourism; Provision of tours; Reservation services for tours; Tour operating; Tour reservation services; Tourist guide services
Class 41:
Conducting guided tours; Arranging of music performances; Live band performances; Musical performances; Presentation of live performances; Production of live performances; Production of stage performances; Amusement parks; Theatre restaurants (Entertainment); Arranging of conventions; Conducting of conventions; Live music services; Arranging of music shows; Booking of seats for shows; Directing of musical shows; Display of works of art (exhibitions, shows, museums, galleries); Flower shows; Organisation of live shows; Organisation of shows (impresario services); Production of music shows; Production of shows; Production, organization and presentation of fashion shows (entertainment); Arranging of exhibitions for cultural purposes; Art gallery services for cultural or educational purposes; Cultural activities; Cultural information; Entertainment, cultural or sporting event booking or reservation services provided in relation to a frequent flyer scheme; Management of cultural events; Organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Organising charitable fundraising events being the provision of entertainment, sporting and cultural services; Organising events for cultural purposes; Provision of entertainment, sporting or cultural services from customer loyalty and frequent buyer schemes; Provision of entertainment, sporting or cultural services from frequent flyer schemes; cultural, educational or entertainment services provided by art galleries
Class 43:
Arranging of wedding receptions (venues); Provision of facilities for conventions; Cafe services; Cafes; Internet cafe services (provision of food and drink prepared for consumption); Self-service cafeteria services